The Nine Revolving Heavens script Indian Victory 


Zaheer bowls three maiden overs and then removes Taranga - c Sehwag b Zaheer !

Sreeshant bowls fast at 145 kph but then Dilshan hit him for two fours and now SL are 22/1 off 7.4 overs !

There was some controversy regarding the toss and it was called twice.

This is a solid start by SL. 39/1 off 12 overs.

Sanga lofts Sreeshant for four and now SL are 44/1!

Dilshan sweeps Bajji and is clean bowled. SL 60/2!

Now Mahela has joined Sanga. Next will be Samaraweera and next Kapugedara. Then Thissara Pereira and then the tail !

Mahela and Sanga are playing well and SL's score crosses 100 runs. They are now 103/2.

Sanga slashes Yuvraj and is caught behind. SL 122/3 !

Now they have progressed to 154/3 off 33.5 overs.

Samaraweera sweeps Yuvraj and is ruled not out. Then India went for DRS and he is given out !

Dhoni brings in Zaheer and Kapugedra lobbs one onto Raina and SL are 184/5.

SL are now 205/5 off 44 overs ! Mahela is now 78 no off 75 balls !

Thissara Pereira hit the last ball of Zaheer for six and SL finish with 274/6, setting India 275 to win in the final ! Well batted, Sri Lanka !

Sehwag is out for the second ball, lbw to Malinga ! India 0/1 ! Now Sachin has hit a couple of fours and now India are 26/1!

Sachin slashes at one from Malinga and is caught behind. India 60/2. Young Kohli builds a partnership with Gambhir. Kohli tries to loft Dilshan and is caught and bowled.

Dhoni comes in at No 5 and now India are 183/3, needing 92 off 89 balls.

Gambhir tries to hit a four and is bowled by Pereira for 97. Dhoni came in at No 5 and played a match winning innings of 91 not out. Yuvraj was 21 not out.

4 runs were needed, when Dhoni lofted one into the stands. India became the World Champions !

This win put an end to the worries of one billion people. One billion were worried that Sachin may score a century and India may lose, they were worried their batting will collapse, and even when 50 runs were needed with six wickets in hand, they were worried !

India were reeling at 31/2, losing Sehwag and Sachin to Malinga. Then Kohli and Gambhir played superbly, before Kohli was caught and bowled. Then Dhoni promoted himself ahead of Yuvraj. The reason was both Yuvraj and Raina are southpaws and SL has two offspinners. The left right combination of Gambhir and Dhoni worked, as India clawed their way to 223, when Gambhir lost his patience and was bowled. Then Yuvraj came to partner Dhoni. Malinga was dangerous and both played him carefully. Dhoni hit two mighty sixes. One was a helicopter  shot and the last shot into the stands was mighty ! India had won the World Cup !

All planets favourable for India created a great win ! Yesterday Moon moved from the adverse 8th to the favourable Ninth. No wonder such an auspicious event - winning the WC - took place when all the Nine Revolving Heavens were benign !

Dhoni was Adjudged Man of the Match, for his magnificent 91 not out. You should see the way he flicked the formidable Slinga Malinga for fours and lofted Kulasekhara into the stands.

Yuvraj was adjudged Man of the Tournament. Yuvraj took 15 wickets and scored 362 runs in the tournament and played a vital role in India's bumpy ride to the top !

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Adverse Jupiter lets Sanga down !

Sanga's 12th Jupiter deprived him of the World Cup. We knew that the twelfth transit of Jupiter is negative ( Dwadase Ravano Hanthi ).

Sanga was born with Aries Moon and his Saturn is favourable in the 6th. Because of a favourable Saturn, he could amass more than 400 runs. He was on his way to another hundred, when Bajji bowled him around his legs !

SL put in a great performance in scoring 274, which is considered good on the Mumbai track. But then he later confessed that anything less than 350 is not safe with India !

When we surveyed SL's horoscope, their indications were powerful. SL was running the second Elarata Saturn, known as Pongum Shani and Jupiter is in the favourable seventh. She is running Jupiter minor in Jupiter major and Jupiter is well posited in Sagittarius in his own house. So SL has a powerful chart and matched with India's.

So the clue was the 12th negative transit of Sanga. We knew that it is impossible to lift the WC, with the 12th Jupiterian transit.

Jup  Sun Mar

Mer    Moo    

 Ven                     RASI  



We wrote about the formidable five planetary configuration in Pisces. This is for all nations. In India's horoscope, it was in the benign 9th, the House of Fortune and in SL's, it was in the favourable 7th. But when reckoned from the Ascendant, it was in the 11th or the favorable House of Gains in India's horoscope and in the adverse 8th in the SL's. Again India scored in points.

Another factor was the Varabala. Saturday is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is more powerful in India's chart than in SL's.

Another factor was the Tarabala. Utharabhadra or Uthrattathi was ruling Sat evening and is ruled also by Saturn.

Hence, comparing both horoscopes, it was clear that India had the edge and hence we were confident of the Indian victory !

It was Jupiter, in the House of Fortune, which brought home the bacon for India. Saturn in the benign Third is the Wearer of the Crown ( moonnil shani mudi vechu vazhum ). 

When we analysed the horoscopes of the cricket playing nations, only two nations had Jupiter and Saturn favourable - Sri Lanka and India. The bookies, without the knowledge of the heavens, had correctly given 4/1 and 3/1 odds to them respectively.

So then it was a comparative study of the horoscopes of both nations and India scored in astro points !

The Tenth negative Jovian transit did Pak in. The Twelth J transit did Aus in. While SL's luck was on the cards, the horoscope of her skipper, Sanga had a negative 12th Jovian transit and this did him in.

On the other hand, the Indian skipper's horoscope has a favourable Jupiterian ( Jove's favourable seventh transit ) and Saturnine ( second Elarata Saturn ) transit. He has Jupiter in the Ascendant or Lagna, which bestowed Divine Grace and made him intuitive. He is Mr Cool and is calm like a Yogi !