Adverse Saturn's transit proves destructive for SA !

South Africa has Aquarius Moon and is receiving the favourable Jupiterian transit and the bad Saturnine transit. Saturn proved to be SA's nemesis. While saying that the heavens favour Indian cricket, we were aware of the negative Saturnine transit for SA and the negative transit of Jupiter for Australia. Both proved to be true, as these teams were knocked out of the QFs. 

The favourable Jupiter of SA gave the impression that they are a formidable side. That they are chokers were proved true in the match against Eng, when they were bowled out for 165. Jupiterian and Saturnine transits are the major ones and if one is negative, the team may not win all matches. The adverse factor can go against the team. And this is exactly what happened to Aus and SA. 

The Mirpur pitch was treacherous and we cannot completely blame them, for being all out for 172. But then the target was gettable and they choked !  


Jupiter in the 12th did Aus in !


The negative transit of Jupiter, in the 12th, was the main heavenly factor for the Aussie loss ! Saturn is favourable and that is why Aus could hold on till now. But the 12th transit of Jupiter proved adverse. 

The chinks in the Aussie armour was exposed by Pak. Then the world took notice of it. Ponting used all his determination and will power to come into form. But it was of no avail against a team which had both Jupiter and Saturn favourably posited. ( Jove in the favourable 9th and Saturn in the benign 3rd for India ). From the start of the WC, the betters never gave much chances to Aus. Their batting weakened by the loss of Gilchrist and Hayden, their captain not in form, the sub continental tracks etc. They now came across a determined India ! 

Sixth Transit favorable of Saturn indicates that their bowling is still powerful. But their batting is weakened and this is indicated by the 12th transit of Jupiter ! We were worried about Sachin and Sehwag, as the ruling star was adverse. Anizham was Sachin's vadha nakshatra and he could not score his 100th hundred. He perished in the fifites. Sehwag could not succeed yesterday. After 0800 PM, it was Jyeshta, India's sampat tara, or second auspicious star. You know what happened after 8 at night, when an in form Yuvraj and Raina, with their unconquered 74 run partnership, snatched victory off the jaws of defeat, from the mighty Kangaroos !  

Astro beliefs in Cricket


If Sehwag sports a numberless jersey at the back, it is due to advice from numerologists. But the ploy had worked and Sehwag amasses 327 runs from five games at an average of 65.4 ! Rival bowlers, who would like to see the back of this dangerous batsman, now blame Numerology and Astrology ! 

These sorts of beliefs are also part and parcel of football. African nations do voodo on the football fields. They also urinate on those fields, as a part of the black magic process. Players sport talismans and get counsel from astro scholars. Dhoni sports number seven, as July 7th is his birthday. Yuvraj sports 12, as his birthday is Dec 12. He also sports a black thread on his wrist, to ward off evil spirits, on instructions from his mother. Kohli opens admits the influence of Astrology in his life. "Earlier, I used to wear the same pair of gloves with which I'd been scoring. That phase has gone as now I look for comfort. Now the belief revolves around wearing black wristbands." 

Zaheer attributes much of his succes to a lucky charm he keeps with him in every crucial match - a yellow handkerchief ! Sachin puts his left pad first and is always playing with his favourite bats, and uses battered bats than new ones. Sachin's family believes that if they watch TV when he is batting, he will get out and they rarely see his hundreds ! Fans also try to do their best to help their teams ! 

A Delhi radio station is urging fans to do the same things routinely when India is playing ! Based on the advice of the station, some fans drink milk before the match and stay on the left side of the sofa. "I only eat non-vegetarian stuff while watching India play," said Pritam Sinha, a research associate in Delhi. "Be it fish, chicken or mutton. It brings India good luck and wards off evil forces." Man Singh, the Indian Manager, issued instructions for players not to move from their seats, in 1983, when Kapil was playing that great knock of his, 175 not out against Zimbabwe. 

Srikanth, who opened for India in 1983, now recalls how he could not move from his position ! "The point was I was standing outside the dressing room on a cold, windy day, with a cup of coffee in my hand. And I didn't move for the next two hours or so! I wanted to go to the toilet, but Man Singh (the manager) said 'no'," recalled Srikkanth of the match at Tunbridge Wells in England. "To tell you the truth it wasn't easy. Actually, it was tougher than battling it out there in the middle. "Believe me, it stayed that way till Kapil walked back with a triumphant 175 not out. Not just me but the entire team stood at the same spots. "It was one of the greatest knocks in any form of cricket, but I would like to think that I had, in my own little way, made a small contribution." 

We now invoke Divine Grace for an Indian victory. Pls recite this mantra for success for India 

Icha Shakthi Jnana Shakti Kriya Shakthi Swaroopini 

Roopam Dehi Jayam dehi Yasho dehi Dwisho jahi 

Jayam Dehi means give us victory ! It is directly appealing to God's Shakthi, which is the sole Doer, to give us Victory ! 

Prayer is Power !



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