India to field the perfect XI in Chennai ?      


                          Indian batting has performed and bowling and fielding have underperformed, according to her ardent fans. All media and fans  were praising Dhoni before.

Now they are after his blood ! Perceived complaceny and bowling frailties
are criticised by its 500 million plus fans !

If the population of England is just 51 million and Aus 24 million, then its
cric fans are also less. Not so the mighty Elephant ! Dhoni has to answer
500 million cric cracks, who would go to any length to see Sachin hold the
coveted Trophy on Apr 2nd ! ( The overpopulation of Ind is generally
described as a minus point. But, in cricket, it becomes a plus point ).

Th cric crazy Indian fan now wants Greg Chappel as coach. He is a severe
critic of Ind bowling and fielding ( A nation of one billion plus cannot
produce a genuine fast bowler ! ). Ashwin is a magician and should be
allowed to play. Ashwin can be Ind's trump card and he can give the Cup to
India ( Just like Imran said that if Umar plays well, Pak will win the
Cup! ). Too much chances had been given to the leggie, Chawla ! Dhoni's
intransigence is responsible for this calamity. Sidhu attacked Dhoni's
stubbornness. Nehra should be replaced by Sreeshant. Raina is a good
allrounder and should play. Now whether two offies are needed in the team is
a factor which worries Dhoni and Kirsten. Ashwin can withstand pressure !

India began well, with Sehwag hitting the first ball of the WC for four ( he
has done it five times ) and hitting two more in the first over of the WC !
A score of 370/4 is laudable. But it is not batting, it is bowling and
fielding which have underperformed. Munaf and Nehra are liabilities in the
field !

India is still searching for the ideal combination, which will bring home
the bacon ! The Indian debacle of losing 9 wickets for just 29 runs did not
go well with the public. But Dhoni said these adversities are good for the
team, as they are learning curves ! Adversity is the best teacher, said

"It's good that everyone is getting game time and each and every batsman is
getting a go in the 50 overs so that's a big positive for us." Dhoni said.
"It's good if you play crunch games before you go to the crucial stages
where it means most of your talent will have been tested."

Despite the positive thinking of the Indian skipper, the Indian fan thinks
that India has underperformed.

Meanwhile, the WI coach, Otis Gibson says WI will beat India.

"We are starting to show the resilience we are going to need," Gibson said.
"There's a stat flying around that we haven't beaten a top team in 20 months so we would like to do that ... we are getting closer, that's all I can

If new youngsters like Russell, Roach, Bishoo and Darren impress for the WI, along with the indomitable Gayle and Pollard, and if India fails to find its
groove, Gibson may be right !

The greatest hit to the Indian fan is the batting debacle, in which India
lost 9/29, against SA. Dhoni criticised his star studded batting lineup, who
tried to blast the SA bowlers, as if they were a Club side !

"You need to curb your thinking," Dhoni said, after some quality batsmen
fell to reckless shots, giving the impression that  the WC is just wild
slogging .( Did they emulate Afridi ? )  "Different people have
different responsibilities. You need to bat 50 overs. That's foremost. You
should be able to bat 50 overs and the more you bat the more runs you get."

The Indian cric fan believes that Raina, Sreeshant and Ashwin will play well
in Chennai. If they also fail, it can only add to Indian worries.

( Frankly speaking, I am not so optimistic. I have been watching Indian
cricket for the last 30 years and what happens is that if you remove a
fellow and bring in another fellow, he also fails ! The replacement becomes
as bad as the original. Look at Eng. Pietersen was replaced by Morgan, He
shone in one match and failed in the other ! ). So there is no point in
chopping and changing. It can only hurt the morale of the team.As Ganguly
says, in Indian cricket, two plus two is equal to twenty two. Australian
selectors persist with the XI, despite failures. They know the guy who
scores a century may go for a blob in the next. Such a game of chance or
luck is cricket ! ).

I shudder to think what will happen if Ind does not get the Cup. The public
will throw stones and commit mayhem on public property ! So much so for the gentleman's game !