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By: Ella Wilson

Cricket is one game that has come a long way. Initially cricket games were considered to be just another game, but today the rising craze for cricket games have actually made it one of the most important and frequently played games. Cricket games have always been known to be a game of gentlemen and till date cricket games continue to mesmerize people making them even more popular among cricket fans. In fact, cricket games have become one of the games that are virtually worshipped by fans. Initially there were only few countries that played cricket games but today, with the growing craze and the growing fame for cricket matches more and more countries are coming forward to play cricket matches on the global front.

On the global scale, there are numerous cricket matches that are played across various countries but the most exciting cricket match that everybody awaits to play and win is the World Cup. International Cricket Council or the ICC holds the World Cup and this event is held in every four years. In fact, the World Cup is one of the most prestigious cricket games that are played among many teams and the team that wins is taken to be the best cricket team in the world.

In fact, the growing popularity of cricket games has brought in new verticals to the game. With the rise in the use of internet, online cricket games have also become important. In fact, cricket games that are being played online are gaining popularity day by day. There are many sites that facilitate online cricket games and one can easily come across these portals. Here players can form their own cricket teams from the list of the national and the international players that are available on the website. There are certain rules and regulations that are needed to be followed while playing the online cricket games. Online cricket games gain even more importance and popularity during the time of some good cricket tournaments. While playing online cricket games you will need to choose a balanced team comprising five batsman, four bowlers, one all rounder and a wicket keeper and the interesting part of the game relates to userís choice that he is not influenced by big names of players or teams.

Cricket games have definitely gained a lot of importance and fame over the years and this can be witnessed from the regular matches that are being played and how cricket fans are going even crazier over cricket games. Cricket games are one of the most wanted games that are being played all across the globe. Facts involved with cricket games are not always fixed. For example, cricketers are not always stable. As in, at times some cricketers perform very well and at times they cannot live up to the expectations of the fans. Cricket games keep on going through difficulties and especially, off late, when illegal things like cricket betting and match-fixing issues have come up. Cricket games now have become more of a self-expression. Cricket games bring along with them name, money, fame and a status in the society.

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