Cricket Records Can Create Cricketing Legends


By: Ella Wilson

Ask any cricket enthusiast and he will be able to recall the national and world records held by cricket players who then held the reign during the time period till the existence of the cricket records. However, the downside of cricket records is that it is temporary in nature. The emergence of new players with talent creates new cricket records and raises the benchmark for performance. It is also true; however, that once a record has been created it imprints the name of the player in the minds of his fans forever. The creation of new records can also not diminish the precedence set by earlier cricket records.

Cricket records have the ability to drive a playerís performance by setting a benchmark for him. The player then strives to excel, creates a new record for himself and achieves that prestigious position in the world of cricket. The high level of international popularity that the game of cricket has gained over the years has further raised the importance of cricket records. Now a player holding any kind of cricket records can instantly come into the limelight, thanks to the high level of media and public interest in the game. Cricket records can also give a player the competitive edge when it concerns questions of being selected in a national team or even for playing at an international level.

The internet revolution that took over the globe a decade ago has also made its own contribution to the game of cricket. Now the physical barriers of country have been transcended through the internet and all of a sudden even international players from different countries have major fan followings ion different countries across the globe. One can simply visit a website dedicated to the game of cricket and search out all necessary information about a player from the cricket statistics and player and match information that is present online. A player holding multiple cricket records immediately gains popularity even among the internet surfers, thereby increasing the number of profile visits that he gets from the visitors to the site. A player with more cricket records is therefore also preferred by not only the regular fans but also the online fans on the World Wide Web.

Even the recently concluded 2007 world cup had set its own cricket records that laid precedence for following matches. The Indian team emerged as the ones with the highest team total of 413 against Bermuda in the 19th match of the 2007 World Cup. In this particular match India also tied a type of cricket records with South Africa and scored the most sixes (18) in a match. The cricket records created by India will ensure that the team is remembered for the record creation in spite of the teamís dismissal in the league stage itself. The creation of cricket records also has a major contribution in the life of a player who can be the fans idol one day and the fallen hero the next day itself. The past reference of his cricket records make the fans give him a chance time and again as the fans realize that if he has outperformed others once, he may yet do it again.

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