Indian Cricket Backs A Stunning Comeback As World Champions


  By: Ella Wilson

The disheartening exit of team India from the very first round of World Cup 2007 had been a major setback for not only the players, selectors and coach, but also for the millions of fans of Indian cricket team. The low morals were reflected in the ensuing games which the team played and it seemed especially sad to see a team perform badly in spite of boasting of world class players like Sachin Tendulkar. However, team India is known to bounce back into the game at the most unexpected moments and the world witnessed a similar revival of the team in the ICC World Twenty20 championship. The Indian team claimed its position as the world champions by defeating Pakistan in the final nerve wrecking match played between the titans.

Indian cricket is now once again in the limelight. As a team, India truly lives up to the true spirit of the game through its unpredictable performance on field. You win some and you lose some –that’s Indian cricket for you. Now would it not get unbearably boring to watch a match where you already expected a team to win and it actually wins? With India, you never know where you stand. In one game the team might play remarkably well with the fielders performing brilliantly, while in the very next game a famed batsman may get out for a duck. The sheer unpredictability, I feel, adds to the charm of watching the cricketers in action. Every ball could turn the game and every swing of the bat could tilt the match the other way.


Indian cricket has managed to evolve over the ages and now has a marked place of its own in world cricket. Some of the Indian players hold high rank among international players and have created and broken many world records. The latest format to be played out in cricket is the Twenty20 form of the game and it has seen the emergence of new cricketing heroes in the Indian cricket scene. The series saw some power packed performances from the younger generation of players while the seniors took a backseat in a very long while. It was encouraging to see team India show a definite streak of aggressiveness which had earlier been seriously lacking form the earlier games, except perhaps under the captaincy of Sourav Ganguly.

Perhaps for this very reason it is crucial to keep reinventing the game and giving younger players a chance to make a mark on the field. It not only adds to the spirit of the game but is also a welcome change from the age old style of playing cricket. Limited twenty overs in a game format have added the much needed spark and excitement that makes cricket interesting even for the disinterested Indian. The online websites dedicated to the game of cricket have made keeping in touch with the game even easier. Now live scores, cricket records, player wallpaper and match updates are just a click away. So next time you can simply click to connect with cricket.

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