Get virtually bowled over by stick cricket game


By: Ella Wilson

When it comes to cricket the whole world turns berserk. Cricket is a game of passion, watched and played by the passionate people. With the arrival of computers and internet access, keeping in touch with the game has become easy. These days one comes across many websites that offer information on cricket, including online games and other virtual stuff. Stick cricket game is one such virtual game that is gaining popularity on daily basis. It is one of the best ways to get thrilled.

The cricket fans want to be connected with the game in every form or way and this makes them happy. Online cricket games like stick cricket game is great fun. It has actually developed cricket into an internet phenomenon. In fact, there are many versions of stick cricket game available on the cricketing websites. The latest version of stick cricket game has human batsmen. The version 1 which actually builds the foundation for the second version or version 2 is extremely hard to find on the internet. Other versions of the game include an official version i.e. Mousebreaker that featured 7 or more levels through which the fan could play as an England team player. Yet another version of stick cricket game available on the internet is FreeWorld Group that features the Australian team.

The various other versions of stick cricket games include the series of Version 3, 3.1, 3.2, 4, 4.1 and 5. The stick cricket game includes 12 teams, though the USA was replaced with a fictional team. There have been minor changes as well as regular updates, such as the inclusion of three different modes like Knockout Tournament that is based on the ICC Champions Trophy format; the all-star slog where the fan can try to get as many runs as he or she can in 10 overs; and the Practice Mode, where one could practice 10 overs against a particular style of bowling like fast bowling or any other style. In fact, the version 3.2 added more graphics in the main frame and features a new Head2Head Ashes game, including a different stadium - Lord's. Stick cricket game is also played with a different kind of ball i.e. red with seam and offers a variety of bowling actions. It has also added new features around the site, such as office leagues and some general leagues. The version 4.1 of stick cricket game also features a live commentary for international matches and photographs can be uploaded on the game.

Well, the boon for the cricket lovers is Version 5 that was released in 2007 and allows the fans to create their own stick cricket game team. Currently, it features Bermuda, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada and self created teams. One can also play with left handed batsmen. Hence, one can say that stick cricket game is a new development in the world of online or virtual cricketing games. Stick cricket game is a better way to play online cricket and get bowled over again and again though virtually.

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