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                                    The World Cup and the Transits of Jupiter


Jupiter in the House of Fortune and Saturn in the benign Third favour India !

We find that Jupiter transited the favourable 5th, in 1983, when India (33/1 favourites) won the WC, creating one of the biggest upsets in world sport.

In 2007, Jupiter transited the adverse 6th House, which saw the inglorious exit of India.

In 2003, Jupiter traversed the adverse 3rd House, which saw India becoming the finalists, but losing to mighty Australia.

In 1999, Jupiter transited the adverse 12th House, which saw India not performing well.

In 1996, India were defeated by SL in the semis. Jupiter transited the adverse 8th.

Only in 1983 was the favourable transit India received. She won the WC.

In 2007, Jupiter transited Australia's favourable Ninth, or the House of Fortune. She won the Cup. 

Jupiter is a King Maker. Of course planetary periods and sub periods have their say, along with the transit of Saturn. 

Jupiter is the make or break planet. His favourable transits can give one the laurel and unfavourable transits, brickbats !

ESPN has made more than 75 cr from ad spots on DD and it is targeting 750 cr from  the WC on its own.

Jupiter in Pisces, in the 9th, can only indicate progress. Not only the World Cup, but IPl IV will also be a great success. More viewerships, more sponsors coming in, more ad revenue, more gate collection - all are guaranteed by the positions of Saturn and Jupiter, transit-wise !Astrologically,  Jupiter in the 9th is a favourable transit and so is Saturn's transit of the 3rd.

As a result, Cricket Tourism will rise in India. There are about 103 matches to be played in India. Gate collections will rise, there will be more involvement by Industry and Bollywood, ad revenues will rise and Indian cricket will reach its Zenith in 2011 !

Look at Vibrant Gujarat ! It fetched 450 billion. Look at the overall GDP growth of 8.9%. Cricket is a 4 billion dollar industry in India !

The opening ceremony of the WC will held on Feb 17, two days before its kickoff. The final takes place at the Wankhede stadium on Apr 2. The World Cup was also supposed to be cohosted in Pak, but then in the wake of the terrorist 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore, the ICC decided to strip Pak of its hosting rights. The 14 matches supposed to be in Pak, was given to the other nations. India got 8 matches, SL 4 and Bangladesh 2. 

ESPN and Star Sports will finds their revenues increased, as they are the official telecasters of WC 2011. Sony, who bagged the TV rights for IPL for one billion dollar for ten years, will see their ad revenues rise ! As a result of Event Marketing of IPL, Hero Honda, Kingfisher Airlines and Pepsi will reap rewards !

This is the Golden Age of Indian cricket! 

IPL IV will be a huge success. So will be the WC 2011. More and more people will be attracted to T20 cricket, when the IPL IV starts on Apr 8. 

For three months, we have non stop cricket. In India cricket is a religion, ( it is the only Religion which unites India )  as it is avidly followed by the man in the street to even ministers. As a national integrator and a builder of genuine nationalism, cricket is unparalleled !


Rahul Dravid










 RahVen JupSunMer Mar




Date of Birth - 11.01.1973 at 11.00 AM at 22 N 42, 75 E 54 . Balance Dasa- 02-09-23 Saturn. Birth Star - Uthrattathi ( Uttarabhadra ). 


Jupiter is a functional benefic for Pisces Ascendant and his position is the 10th House, the House of Profession , confers Hamsa & Samrajya Yogas. These yogas can confer longevity, power & pelf on the native. Jupiter is also Vargothama, which makes him happy till the end of his life. 

The tenancy of five planets in the 10th house is a rare  & powerful Raja Yoga. According to the classical texts if the 10th house is occupied by 4 planets or receives the joint aspect of 4 planets there occurs Samrajya Yoga leading to kingdom ( ie.. wealth,  position & authority ).  These planets , under the formidable influence of  Swakshetra and Vargottama Ascendant lord, Jupiter confer Raja Yoga on the native. 

Angular Venus & Jupiter confer high longevity on the native. Their tenancy in Angles along with angular Moon are eulogised in astro textbooks for conferring status, name, fame, happiness, wealth & success on the native.

The trinal lord, Moon , lord of the 5th house, is well posited in a benign  sign in the Ascendant. It forms a powerful Kesari Yoga with angular Jupiter, bestowing excellent communication ability, handsomeness, wealth and intelligence ( Dhanavan Swakuladhipo Mahaprajna ). 

A powerful Kesari Yoga cancels Kemadruma Yoga ( no planets on either side of Luna ) . The characteristics of this Yoga are world renown, wisdom, wealth & longevity. 

His body is slim because Pisces , his Lagna gets only 26 benefic points in Sarvashtavarga. But he has stamina, he can withstand the strain of long playing hours and is not injury-prone, thanks to the strength of Jupiter and due to the fact he gets 35, 31 & 36 benefic points respectively in the 6th, 7th and 8th houses in Sarvashtakavarga.

Jupiter's transit of the 5th got him married, when Jove transited his exaltation sign of Cancer. Jove at that time aspected his Ascendant & the Lunar Ascendant.  

His Venus Dasa started in 04/11/1999 and he became the cynosure of all eyes. 


Future Projections

Venus is the 3rd and 8th lord and hence his dasa is not a bed of roses. Rahul's Venus Dasa, Moon Bhukthi will operate till 04112005. He may continue his good performances but there will be many adversities for him. He may take over the captaincy from Ganguly in 2006 during the sub period of Mars. His performance will continue to be good during Jupiter Bhukthi but Venus can create some hurdles for him. Despite the benign subperiods & periods, he will fing the going a bit tough because of the 8th and 3rd lordship of Venus, but will bring some laurels to India!  His cautious style of batting is fitted for Test and not for ODIs and T20s. Hence he may be there for Tests, but not for ODIs or T20s !


Virender Sehwag







            Rasi  Jup

Sat Lag








Date of Birth - 20.10.1978 at 08.00 AM at 28 N 39, 77 E 13 . BirthStar - Rohini 

Exalted Jupiter has pulled him to this present situation, he being the best opening batsman for India, who has set the records on fire with a triple century. Born in the asterism of Rohini, with the Moon exalted, he has Mars, the sports planet which imparts Bodily Kinnaesthetic intelligence, in the constellation of Vishakha, ruled by exalted Jupiter. Saturn is in fiery Leo in the constellation of Pubba whose stellar dispositor is also in Vishakha. The Lunar Ascendant lord, Venus, is in his own Sign Libra with Mercury, Sun & Mars. He has a good future, because of the excellent placement of Jupiter and Venus. From the Moon Sign, Venus & Mercury form a powerful Vasumath Yoga, a yoga for prosperity. ( Lagnath Atheeva Vasuman Vasuman Sasankath ). 

   Sehwag was born in the constellation of the Lion, Leo and his activities are like a lion unleashed. He does not care for anything and plays his natural game. This time he was more cautious, as he had said earlier that his intention was to bat the entire 50 overs. Sachin's determination is also the same and both do not have to fear as India has now many batsmen in form. Only Yuvraj's form with the bat is suspect, but he will come back to form at any moment. ( Stuart Broad is now a vastly improved bowler !).

In Sehwag's horoscope, the Ascendant lord, the Sun, combines with the Lord of Fortune, Mars, endowing him with bodily kinnaesthetic intelligence. Excellent eye hand coordination. A powerful Vasumath ( Prosperity ) Yoga is imparted by the position of powerful Venus and Mercury in the Third. Exalted Jupiter, as lord of the 8th, confers Vipareetha Raja Yoga ( rajasau nripathi prashastha vibhavo rajadhi rajeshwara ). May he contribute more in this World Cup !

Sehwag was born with Leo rising. Leo represents the Lion in Astrology. His Venus is retrograde, equivalent to exaltation and combines with Mars, the sports planet. He is born in a Vipareetha Raja Yoga, as the 8th lord Jupiter is exalted in the 12th. Exalted Jupiter guarantees that he can shine on any day. He was out of the Indian team for a while and then came back and scored a triple century. The eighth lordship of Jupiter has catapulted him to great heights. He has scored two triple centuries, unachieved by any Indian so far. On his day, he is a matchwinner. Exalted Jupiter always inspires him and even if you drop him for one year, he will come back and score a triple century ! At the moment he is running Jupiter's period, Saturn's subperiod till 12-07-2013 . It was in Jupiter's period he scored 293 against SL. We wish him well during this period. Good Luck, Sehwag !




Sun Mer 


            Rasi  Ven Rah


      Lag Moo Jup Sat 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni 


Dhoni shot to fame with a superb, blistering 141 against the Pakis, a century on ODI debut. From then, he has not looked backwards.

Mark the presence of Bhadra Yoga in the House of Profession, endowing him with skills galore. The Sun and Mercury conjunction is called Nipuna Yoga, a yoga for skill.  Jupiter in the Ascendant electrifies the horoscope, giving divine protection. The Lunar-Jupiterian conjunction makes him very intelligent and a leader of men ( Vikrantham kula mukhya masthiramathim vitheswaram sangira ). Venus in the Eleventh is a Raja Yoga.  Rahu in the 11th is excellent, financially. 

He is undergoing the second Sade Sathi and the second Sade Sathi is always promotional ! Rajiv Gandhi came to power during the second Sade Sathi. The second s s is known as Rising Saturn or Pongum Shani. While it is promotional, it can give tensions galore. 

Transit Jupiter is transiting his 7th and there are no negative effects involved. Only problem is the second Sade Sathi, which can give immense pressure. Undoubtedly there is great pressure, as a billion eyes will be riveted on his team's performance ! Good Luck, Dhoni !















DOB - 24041973; 07.30 AM at 18 N 56, 72 E 51. Birthstar Poorvashada ( Pooradam ). 


Sachin Tendulkar 

In Sachin Tendulkar's horoscope, Sun and Mars exalted made him the world's greatest batsman. His birthstar is Pooradam. Jupiter and Mercury are neechabhanga thus fortifying the horoscope.

In Sachin's horoscope, the Lunar Asc is more important than Asc. We find that the 9th lord is exalted and the 5th lord is exalted. Both are Lakshmi  Sthana. Hence his wealth. Mars rules sports and his exaltation has made him a champion cricketer. That he will achieve 15000 runs in ODIs is only a matter of time. Also overtake Gavaskar's record of 34 Test hundreds ! A powerful Dhana Yoga is caused by the exaltation of Mars in the House of wealth. High Bhagya is decreed by Sun, the 9th lord, exalted in the 5th.

In the initial stages Rahu Dasa had given him some injuries but now he has overcome all that. Neechabhanga Jupiter in the lunar second has catapulted him to dizzy heights of fame. Rahu Dasa will see that he will rise furthur in the realm of cricket.

Astrologically, he is running the period of the North Node ( Rahu ) and the subperiod of Venus till 090611. This is not a bad time for him. He can still win many a laurel !


Horoscope of Zaheer Khan





            Rasi  Jup


  Lag Moo 

Ven Mar

Mer Rah Sun


He is the second leading bowler in this WC with 17 wickets. He is a master of reverse swing. He is Zaheer Khan, alias ZAK, India's premier bowler !

He was born with Scorpio rising, with Jupiter exalted in the Ninth, in the House of Fortune and Mercury exalted in the 11th.

The exalatation of Mercury gives his wisdom and intelligence. He bowled India back into the game on many occasions, against Eng, against Australia ! 

Transit wise, he is having Jupiter in the favourable Fifth and Saturn in th favourable Eleventh or the House of Gains. May he bowl India to victory in the coming matches !

He has Venus  well posited in his own house, in Libra. He is born in Anabha Yoga, caused by Mars. He will be tough, successful and will be brilliant  (
Krodhee sampat sadya suthanu kujayor anabahayam pragalbhascha ).

Mercury and Sun form Nipuna Yoga, a yoga for skill.
( budhena nipunam dhee keerthi soukhyanvitham )

Both Jupiter and Saturn are favourable for him. Let him bowl India to victory !


Compiled  by G Kumar, astrologer, writer and programmer of





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