Jupiter in the House of Fortune saves India in a close game 


Providence ( Jupiter in the House of Fortune ) saved India yet again. Master Batsman Sachin Tendulkar got Man of the Match Award for his blistering 85, but then he had as many as six lives.
Four Paki fielders let him off, Misbah, Y Khan, Afridi and Akmal. He survived two close calls for lbw and stumping. Today was his day.
Let us see the astrological factors.
Yesterday was Dhanishta, his kshema tara or 4th star or Lucky Star. But Dhanishta, which ruled for 57 Nadis ( 23.5 hours ) or right throughout the day was not so good for India or Dhoni. For Dhoni, it was his vipat tara, or adverse star. Hence the nervousness of the Indian spectators and viewers !
For Sehwag, this was his sampat tara or favourable star. Even though he scored only 38, he hit the premier Pak bowler, Umar Gul, for five fours in one over. He hit Gul off his length !
When we analysed, we knew that some factors were adverse and we did remedial measures to overcome those adverse factors. We knew that the Transit positions of Jove and Saturn are benign and so ultimately India will triumph. ( As for me, I fasted in the afternoon, as I badly needed an Indian triumph. I indulged in prayers and meditation right throughout the day and relief came from tension at 1000 PM ).
For Pak, the transits of Jupiter and Saturn are not so benign. Jupiter in the Tenth is Dasame Darika Vadham or adverse for their Ego. Saturn in the 4th is also disconcerting and affected their batting performance in this WC. Not even one Paki batsman had scored a century and they were reckoned formidable because of their excellent bowling !
On 25th, Mars moved over to Pisces, ending some bad luck for India. After then Indian bowling became efficient and fielding improved. Indian fans were afraid that bowlers and fielders might put Sachin & Co down ! But in the QF and SF, Indian bowling and fielding rose to the occasion. The mighty Australians were restricted to 260 in QF and in SF, Pak were bowled out for 231 !
On 30th, yesterday when India won, the Birth Number is 3, represented by Jupiter. Hence it is safe to assume that it was the No 3 in Numerology, or Jupiter in Astrology favourable, which gave India victory. It was also a diplomatic victory, as the Indian and Pak PMs shared lunch together and we hope many bilateral issues will be resolved !

Sehwag hit the third ball of the first over of Gul for four! Normally he hits the first ball for four but this he chose the third ball ! India are 4/0.
Sehwag hits Gul for five fours and Pak wilt under Sehwag's onslaught ! 21 runs off Gul's second over.
Sehwag is trapped lbw by Riaz for 38 and India lose their first wicket at 48!
Sachin survives two close calls, one an lbw. He was ruled out by the umpire and then the UDRS ruled him not out. The next ball was a stumping decision, but his foot was well grounded. One billion people had their hearts in their mouths !
Misbah drops Sachin off Afridi and here Sachin is leading a charmed life !
Now India cross 100 runs and are now 101/1.
Sachin is on 39 not out and he now has a tally of 418 runs, being second only to Dilshan ( 467). He overtook Sanga ( 417 ).
Sachin was a bit tentative against Ajmal, but then he hit him for 2 fours in the last over. Afridi was slightly troubling him, but then he lofted Afridi for four. He is now on 43 not out off 55 balls, a sedate knock!
Sachin was dropped four times. Y Khan dropped him again and Akmal also dropped him. He survived two close calls !
Suresh Raina was 36 not out and India scored a respectable 260. Just the total Australia made.
Wahab rips through the Indian batting order
Wahab, at good pace, bowled superbly throughout and claimed five Indian wickets. His fast yorker, which got rid of Yuvraj, was a beauty. Another Wasim Akram in the making ?
This is a challenging total in a high pressure game, in a semi final.
Let us see what happens !
Pak are 85/2. Zaheer took Kamran and Munaf accounted for Hafeez. Now the current rate is 4.45 and the RR is 5.70.
A Shefiq is bowled by Yuvraj. And Y Khan is caught by Raina off Yuvraj and Pak are choking at 113/4!
Umar hit two mighty sixes and was then clean bowled by Bajji and Pak 142/5 !
Munaf Musa Patel takes the off stump of Razzak and Pak are 150/6!
Afridi gets a full toss from Bajji and lofts it into the hands of Sehwag. Pak 184/7!
Nehra is bowling beautifully and Riaz lofts one into the hands of Sachin and Pak are 199/8 ! It seems India is going to end the Pak challenge !
If Pak choke, History had repeated itself. They had lost 4 WC matches to India and this will be the fifth !
With a reverse swinging full toss, Nehra traps Umar Gul lbw and Pak are nine down ! For 208 !
Misbah is out, finally caught by Kohli off Zaheer for a well compiled 56. Somebody jocularly remarked that he again became the hero of India. ( In the 2007 T20 WC, Misbah lofted one into the hands of Sreesanth ! ).
Pak are bowled out for 231 and Ind win by 29 runs!  There are other chokers apart from South Africa !
It was a collective team effort from India. The five bowlers used - Patel, Zaheer, Nehra, Bajji and Yuvraj all responded well with two wickets each !
Kamran Akmal dropped Sachin and one wonders whether he is the keeper of wickets of the opposition batsmen !
Afridi, when he beat SL, said chasing ( Sl was chasing ) 260 under the lights is difficult, with the ball reverse swinging. Now that statement proved to be his nemesis !
Sachin was adjudged Man of the Match for his brilliant 85. Yuvraj's two wickets took his tally to 13! Will he be the Man of the Tournament? ( he has 341 runs ). Sachin with 464 runs, is only slightly behind Dilshan ( 467 ) but is ahead of Sanga ( 417).
Well played India, well fought Pakistan !