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  Moon Chart of the Kochi Captain, Mahela 

Mahela scored a century in the WC, yet his team did not win the Cup !

Why this ambiguity? What are the reasons responsible for this ?

Now he has resigned as the vice captain of SL and is now the Kochi captain. With this sort of luck, can he steer Kochi Tuskers to respectability ?

Kochi and Pune are the minnows of the IPL. Chennai and Mumbai are like Australia and South Africa. Kochi and Pune will be like Bangladesh and Ireland.

Kerala has a population of 30 million and we can expect that the Kochi fanbase will cross millions. Keralites abroad will also support Kochi. Th Malayalee film star, Jayaram, said so far he has been with Chennai, as he was living in Tamil Nadu. Now that a Keralite team has come, he will support Kochi. Yesterday a Keralite company, V Guard, said they will sponsor Kochi. Other Kerala companies Fed Bank and AVT are also sponsoring Kochi. So it is obvious that Kochi will not be devoid of a big fanbase. ( To me tension has started, as Kerala is my home state ).

So we analyse the moon chart of the captain.

Mahela was born with Moon in Leo and as such he is under the second Elarata Saturn, known as Pongum Shani or Rising Saturn. This is Ok from an astrological perspective. Dhoni is under Rising Saturn and he brought the Cup ! But Mahela is receiving the adverse transit of Jupiter ( Jupiter in the 8th, in Pisces ).

So it is going to be a great task for Mahela to make Kochi jell as a unit. Lack of experience may reflect in the initial matches . But Mahela will be receiving the benign transit of Jupiter, after May 8th, when Jove moves over to Aries. Then Jupiter will be in the 9th and better performances can be expected from the Kochi side !

Southee proved why he is hailed as the second best bowler in the world, as he bowled CSK to victory in the ultimate over.

Needing 9 runs to win, KKR batsmen faced upto the final over, bowled by Southee. Southee only conceded 6 runs and CSK won by 2 runs in the final ball !

KKR was set a target of 154 by Chennai. The son of Srikant, Aniruddha Srikanth top scored with 64 and was adjudged Man of the Match.

KKR, were at one stage, 111/2, with Kallis going strong. Kallis hit Southee for four fours in one over and one was reminded of Sehwag butchering Umar Gul. But then Southee came back into the game strongly in the ultimate over.

Bisla and Kallis opened well for KKR, putting on 64 for the first wicket, till Bisla was stumped by Dhoni off Jakati. Then Ashwin got rid of the dangerous Kallis for 54 and then the KKR batting more or less collapsed.

Two class players, Gauti and Y Pathan, were run out by Dhoni. Then M Tiwary threatened to hit the CSK bowlers off their length, by clobbering two consecutive sixes.

Anyway IPL started with a thrilling game and it is obvious that more and more people will be interested in the shortest version of the game. The Americans do not play cricket, because of the time consumed by the game. You cant take 5 day's leave for a Test match or one day's leave for an ODI. Hence T20 will make cricket more popular and it has already been included in Olympics.

CSK bat first and are 83/2.

M Vijay hit a four and then lofted one into the hands of a fielder. Raina, who came to replace him, scored a cameo 33 and was caught at the fence.

Aniruddha Srikant, playing very well, was let off by Pathan. Pathan also dropped Raina. Srikant was also dropped by Eoin Morgan.

Aniruddha played a magnificent innings of 64, embellished with two sixes and six fours.

Now KKR are 39/0, needing 154. Now Kallis has hit Southee, the WC hero, for four fours in one over ! KKR has Y Pathan and are cruising at the moment !

With the WC hangover not yet leaving the Indian mind, what the IPL needed was an edge-of-the-seat thriller to get the world's attention. And they got it and KKR had a great chance to pull off a magnificent victory, before a great run out from Dhoni allowed CSK to stay in the game. Then Kallis holed out attempting a sweep, Eoin Morgan jumped down the wicket and was stumped and Gambhir's crazy running left the great crowd of Chennai sensing victory.

Dhoni proved why he is the greatest Indian captain ever, by bringing in experiments and changes , which brought home the bacon. He gave the ball to Raina in the 17th over and two big wickets - Gambhir and Morgan - fell in that over.

Then KKR needed 33 off 3 overs. Later it became 26 off 12 and Southee showed his skill as a death over bowler !

The greatest Bengali in the side, Manoj Tiwari lofted Ranadiv for two consecutive sixes, sending the spectators and viewers into ecstasy. KKR's strength is batting and their bowling is mediocre. But then they fell short by 3 runs !

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